Urban Nomad | IDS Vancouver Prototype Finalist.

Lightweight, modular furniture designed to move with you. Inspired by traditional forestry techniques, the seat pan and back rest are designed to interlock together for structural support. This minimal design also allows the piece to be easily disassembled and packed with a single tool.

Hull Stool | IDS Vancouver Prototype Finalist

Inspired by the construction of wooden boats, the hull stool is constructed using laminated maple strips. With an impressive strength to weight ratio this piece only weighs 3.2 lbs.

Omdanne Bo | Award Winning concept for BoConcept

Multifunctional furniture designed for small living spaces. This table concept seamlessly transforms from room divider to dining table to work station. Constructed using a paper core with a honeycomb pattern makes this piece light enough to be anchored to the floor and ceiling.

SS20 | Outbound Portable Fire Pit

SS20 | Woods LED Rechargeable Headlamp

SS20 | Solid Brass Incense Holder

On Being Blue | Aritzia Summer 2016

Beaded Abacus | Aritzia Holiday 2016

Grid and Steel | TNA Summer 2017