Urban Nomad

A lightweight, modular chair designed for nomadic lifestyles.


The average person in North American moves 11.7 times in his/her lifetime. In response to this trend of frequently moving homes, Urban Nomad facilitates the process of moving by providing lightweight furniture that can be quickly disassembled, packed and carried away. This concept encourages those that often relocate to keep their furniture longer instead of throwing it out and buying new.

Inspired by the work of Jens Nielsen, specifically his Demountable Lounge Chair created in 1962, the structural integrity of Urban Nomad is achieved by interlocking two main curved pieces. When in use, the pressure generated by the user activates the piece and further strengthens the structure.

Constructed from laminated plywood, the two identical curves create the seat pan and back rest. When moving, the two pieces can be taken apart and stacked together, further reducing its footprint and allowing it to be easily carried by a single user.­

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